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Theatre + Poetry



Friday 7th June: 7 pm


Unbridled is an entirely improvised Jilly Cooper Show. Expect wild stallions, uncontrollable fillies (and horses too)! Set in an idyllic world of show-jumping and huge country houses, with a variety of animals and posh people behaving very badly while wearing jodhpurs, Unbridled is extremely silly, tongue in cheek and maybe just a little bit sexy.


Directed by Heather Urquhart (Award-winning The Maydays and Olivier Award-winning Showstoppers)

She Grrrowls


Saturday 8th June: 7 pm


She Grrrowls is a feminist arts night, featuring women and non-binary people. Since 2013 it has been featuring poetry, comedy, music, and everything in between.


“She Grrrowls is a ravishing, fierce and funny showcase of some of the best mouths in town.” – Amber Tamblyn, actress and poet.


“There was a feeling of ‘yes-I-want-to-change-the-world’ in the air and it’s hard to imagine anyone left feeling angry or depressed about social injustice, since the performers conveyed their social agenda with just the right amount of optimism and hopefulness” – Irina Jauhianinen, Sabotage Reviews.



Sunday 9th June: 7 pm


Degenerate Fox valiantly attempts to perform 30 plays in just one hour in The Dirty Thirty. These plays could be anything: comedy, drama, dance, games, songs, rants, personal, political, experimental – and stuff there just isn't a name for yet. The order of the plays is up to the audience - as we all work to get this chaotically succinct hour of honest performance complete!

“Amazing fun to watch and be a part of'”
★ ★ ★ ★  London Theatre 1

Degenerate Fox Theatre is the cross-continental lovechild of The Neo-Futurists, from NYC, and a full English breakfast. Brought to London from New York City two years ago by BBC The Mash Report star Desiree Burch, Degenerate Fox produce theatre that removes all artifice: we are here, we are us, you are you, the time is now. We will engage, titillate, confront, expose, encourage, confess and, above all, entertain.

Roann McCloskey


Monday 17th June: 9 pm


A reserved English father turned Tantric Masseur. A Muslim mother who thinks sex is The Devil. Roann has been caught in the middle since age 7!


Roann McCloskey navigates life as a post #MeToo Queer, British-Algerian woman in this award-winning sellout production that will have you laughing, crying and pondering the name you’ve given your genitals as she takes you on a journey of excruciating self-discovery.


“Ask her to read a train timetable and she could have her audience in stitches.” – British Theatre Guide

Winner of Vault Origins Award for Outstanding New Work

Rescue Contraptions


Tuesday 18th June: 7 pm


"Lyrical, haunting and witty” The Irish Times

Local prize-winning poet Joe Duggan takes us from Troubles-era Belfast and an awkward coming of age in parties and politics to culture-shocks and crises in London, shielded only by his rescue contraptions: his poems.

With support from fellow countryman and acclaimed songwriter Declan Feenan a.k.a. ‘The Spy From Moscow’

Honey's Happening

Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd June: 7 pm


'Honey’s Happening is just so much fun.' 



It’s 1969 and suburban housewife Honey Childs is hosting a Happening and you’re invited! Join Honey and daughter Barbara in her living room for cheese and pineapple, retro party games and Honey’s favourite easy listening LPs as she embarks on a serious mission: to bring about world peace.  Whether you’re Hip, Square or Way Out There, everyone is encouraged to take part in her specially planned activities. But as the Happening gathers momentum, events take an unexpected turn, and Honey’s hopes and dreams start to unravel…

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